Find out How Physical Therapy Can Help You Become Healthier, Stronger, and More Active

Healthier Stronger Jan6th 2020

Everyone strives for a healthy, strong, and active lifestyle. However, it is not always easy to obtain, especially if you are being limited by chronic pain. Sometimes just the thought of going out and exercising with persistent discomfort can leave you feeling defeated. Fortunately, physical therapy can help relieve those aches and pains so you can live the active lifestyle you want! If you are looking for a healthier, stronger, and more active lifestyle, contact Innovative Physical Therapy Solutions in Watertown, NY today!

How can I get started?

It can be difficult to incorporate healthier lifestyle changes at first, but after a while it will become much easier. For example, one of the easiest ways you can improve your health is by maintaining a nutritious diet. Physical activity is also important, but that can be a difficult one to start with if your pain is holding you back. Some people may try to mask their pain with anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications, while others unfortunately give up on the idea of being active overall. The best way to get started on improving your physical activity is by seeking the help of a physical therapist. With physical therapy, is is possible to reclaim your pain-free and healthy lifestyle, so you can get back to doing the activities you love.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?

The mission of any physical therapist is to relieve your pain and help you get back to your peak level of physical health, no matter what may be currently limiting you.

Physical therapists are movement specialists who are trained in analyzing mobility issues with walking, running, jumping, bending, stretching, and almost every other form of physical activity. Your physical therapist will be able to pinpoint your problem areas and design a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. Treatment plans focus on relieving pain, strengthening the muscles and joints, building endurance, and improving balance, all without the harmful side effects of painkillers or surgical intervention.

What can I expect from my treatments?

Each patient who comes through our doors has a different need, based on the nature of the condition they are experiencing. There is no cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness, as one treatment plan may not work the same for one person as it would for another. You will work closely with your physical therapist throughout the entirety of your treatment plan, in order to track the progress of your pain relief, balance, mobility, and range of motion.

At your initial appointment, you may be asked to perform basic movements, such as sitting, standing, walking, stretching, lifting, or anything else your physical therapist may deem fit.  Once your physical therapist has a clear picture of what you need, he or she will begin constructing a treatment plan to help relieve your pain and focus on your goals.

A healthier, stronger, and more active lifestyle is attainable with the help of physical therapy. Contact Innovative Physical Therapy Solutions to schedule your consultation and get started on your journey toward improved health and wellness!

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