Breast Cancer Rehab

Any type of cancer has a serious impact on your body, and the physical therapy required to bring your body back to health after breast cancer can be intensive. At Innovative Physical Therapy solutions, we focus on both education and treatment — working closely with the patient, family and medical team to improve quality of life before, during and after cancer.

Rebuilding Strength and Mobility

Depending on the type of treatment you received, estrogen may decrease in the body and bone density can be negatively affected. Proper nutrition is also a vital component for health and can even help decrease the risk of recurrence while helping treat fatigue that can occur during radiation treatments. We focus on these key areas for breast cancer rehab:

  • Movement
  • Mobility
  • Energy Levels
  • Range of Motion
  • Strength
  • Normal or Ideal Body Weight
  • Gentle Exercise
  • Resuming Prior Activities and Exercise

Specialized Care and Treatment

Our professional therapy options are designed to restore the normal functioning of your body and to reduce your pain — targeting areas of your body that were affected by your treatment. Manual therapy in particular provides relief from joint pain and helps improve your range of movement, while therapeutic exercise helps strengthen weakened muscles to support joints while improving stamina and flexibility. We also offer a wide range of modalities that are designed to help with the healing process by reducing inflammation and swelling as well as manage pain such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis and electrical stimulation.

Post-Surgical Rehab

Surgery of any type has a severe impact on your body, and it doesn’t bounce back to normal immediately. Our specialized breast cancer rehab services are designed in concert with your physician’s recommendations to help return your damaged body to normal activities and health as quickly, gently and safely as possible. Our physical therapists will work with you to evaluate your injury and tailor a specific plan to your body and needs to help you retain and improve your range of motion and manage your pain.

Request Free Consult at Watertown, NY Center. to learn more about our full series of physical therapy options, and how our breast cancer rehab will help return your body to a healthier state.